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Purchase Terms and Conditions

  /  Purchase Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and Interpretation

For the avoidance of doubt:

1.1 Any reference to “Us”, “We “or “Our” is to be a reference to Plank and Trestle Pty Ltd ABN 52 625 503 880.

1.2 Any reference to ACL is to be a reference to the Australian Consumer Law.

1.3 Any reference to “the product”, “product” or “products” is to be a reference to Plank and Trestle Tables. However, this may also include any other product you have ordered as is applicable.

1.4 Any reference to “the purchaser” or “the consumer” is to be a reference to You.

2. Ordering and delivery – General

2.1 Timing: Depending on demand it will generally take us six (6) to eight (8) weeks to make your product/table for you from the date we receive your order.

2.1.1 Please note that custom orders may take longer than six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

2.2 Progress Updates: During the manufacturing process we will send You update emails to inform you of the progress.

2.2.1 We will inform you of the progress stages after you place an order.

2.3 Collection: You may collect your product/table from our workshop in Mittagong, Southern Highlands NSW at no charge, subject to the product/(s) is collected:

2.3.1 Between 9:00AM and 5:00PM;
2.3.2 Between Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays); and
2.3.3 With minimum 48 hours’ written notice, via the following email:

2.4 Delivery: Estimated delivery of a single standard table is as per the table below:

Price (Australian Dollars)
$100 New South Wales
$150 Victoria and Queensland
$175 Tasmania and Southern Australia
$220 Northern Territory and Western Australia

2.4.1 The amounts in the table above are an estimate only and subject to variation at our absolute discretion.

2.4.2 Delivery costs may vary due to factors including, but not limited to:

  • Level of Customisation of product/(s) (dimensions, materials used etc);
  • Number of pieces/items delivered per delivered;
  • Transport infrastructure (type of road, access to destination etc);
  • Exact distance to be travelled; and
  • Changes in freight prices.

2.4.3 Please confirm delivery costs and arrangements to your specific order, BEFORE placing an order. If you fail to do this, you agree to pay the delivery costs borne by us, whatever they may be, or agree to arrange for your own collection and delivery.

2.4.4 We will provide you with an estimated delivery time for the product/(s) to arrive at your nominated location once we hand over the products to our couriers for delivery.

2.5 Set-up (Southern Highlands NSW ONLY): We will deliver and set-up Your Plank and Trestle Table in Your home at no charge if you live in the Southern Highlands New South Wales area.

2.5.1 Please ensure that BEFORE placing an order, you confirm with us that you live in this region and are eligible for the personal delivery and set-up.

3. Refund and Returns Policy

3.1 Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) you have certain rights (consumer guarantees) that cannot be excluded. This means that our products must, amongst other things^:

  • Be Safe, lasting and with no faults;
  • Look acceptable; and
  • Do all the things someone would normally expect them to do.

^For more information on consumer guarantees please visit the ACCC website.

If the product/(s) provided to You by Us do not meet these criteria then under the ACL You may be entitled to your preference of a repair, replacement or refund where the product/(s) has a major defect, and a repair or replacement where the product has a minor defect. In some cases, You may be entitled to compensation for damages and loss.

3.2 We do not provide refunds, exchanges, or store credit where you have simply changed your mind. Accordingly, please make sure you are certain that you want the product before making an order.

3.3 We understand that advertised photos of a product may look slightly different to the actual final product/(s) received due to inevitable consequences of lighting and angles, and/or due to natural variations in the timber and metal. We are happy to (if you so choose) provide you with an opportunity to view a physical sample of the product/(s) before placing an order so as to help you be absolutely certain that the product/(s) you ordered is the product/(s) you receive. If you would like to organise an appointment to see a sample before ordering, please contact us at or on 0403 351 790.

3.4 Whether or not you have taken the opportunity as per clause 3.3 above to inspect the sample, by placing an order you agree that you will be fully satisfied by the colour, finish and texture of the product.

3.5 In addition to this, by placing an order you warrant that you have read and understood clause 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 below.

3.5.1 Variations on Natural and Recycled Timbers:

Due to the nature of natural and recycled timbers our trestle tables and wood products come with some natural imperfections, which gives each piece a unique and individual character.

Furthermore, sometimes cracks/splits may occur in natural and recycled timbers. This is a natural occurrence of this type of timber and is no way a fault.

Natural and recycled timbers can expand and contract with extreme temperatures. The placement of your trestle table or wood products can affect its longevity.

Avoid placing your product/(s) in direct sunlight, or in moist, damp or overly dry environments. Arrange it so it is not adjacent to heating or air conditioning outlets.

The colours on the timber will vary from piece to piece. All pieces come in their own individual colour and finish and no two (2) pieces will ever be the same.

3.5.2 Variations on Metal:

Our metal and industrial pieces are locally hand forged, blacksmith made. This means that no two (2) pieces are ever the same, and therefore purposely do not have a ‘perfect or smooth’ finish.

Some metal has purposeful minor distressing in the colour/finish – this includes marks, discolourations, blemishes and purposeful depressions which are not considered imperfections.

4. Items Damaged in Transit

4.1 We do our best to ensure the product/(s) are safely packaged once they leave our workshop, however we are UNABLE to guarantee what happens to the product/(s) during transit.

4.2 We DO NOT take responsibility for any damage that occurs to the product/(s) while they are delivered to you.

4.3 You (the purchaser/the consumer) agree to assume the full risk and liability for any damage that might occur to the product/(s) while they are delivered to you. The damage that you assume risk and liability for under this clause 3 includes (but is not limited to) any damage that occurs during:

4.3.1 Loading of product/(s) onto transportation vehicle;
4.3.2 Transit from workshop to your nominated location; and
4.3.3 Unloading of product/(s) from transportation vehicle to your nominated location.

5. Terms and Conditions subject to change:

These Terms and Conditions (and those on our website and in respect of our business generally) are subject to change at any time in our absolute discretion without notice to you.

6. Governing Jurisdiction

6.1 You agree that these terms and conditions (and those on our website and in respect of our business generally) shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws in force in New South Wales and we (Plank and Trestle) and you (the consumer) submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales.

6.2 You agree that the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is to apply to these terms and conditions (and those on our website and in respect of our business generally) as interpreted by NSW Fair Trading, as applicable in the Australian State of New South Wales regardless of where You are located or have the product/(s) delivered to.

7. Severability

7.1 If any clause of these terms and conditions are invalid or of no force or effect under any statue then these Terms and Conditions are to be construed as if that clause is not in these Terms and Conditions, but the remainder of these Terms and Conditions retain their full force and effect.

7.2 Any reference to ‘Terms and Conditions’ in clause 5 above includes those Terms and Conditions on our website and in respect of the business generally.