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Care Instructions

  /  Care Instructions
+ - Cleaning

Our trestle tables can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. We advise the use of a water-based cleaning agent. Products containing ammonia or silicone are best avoided as they can soften the coating and give it a cloudy appearance over time.

+ - Waxing or Oiling

For our natural timber trestle tables that are sealed with a beeswax or furniture oil, we recommend that you wax or oil and polish every 6 – 12 months to maintain its condition. Frequency will depend on usage and other factors such as cleaning, heat and light.

Avoid applying too much polish or wax as this will build up long term. Please note that slight variations in colour and an incomplete seal may occur with any sealant; Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Logically, protective padding is strongly recommended when using your furniture as a writing surface, especially when using a pencil or ballpoint pen.

+ - Direct Sunlight

Our chalk paint colour trestle table legs are sealed with wax, hemp oil or polycrylic. For ongoing maintenance, recoat every 6-12 months.

As with any timber furniture, excessive sunlight may cause the colour of our natural timber trestle tables to deepen over time and we do not recommend your table sit in direct sunlight, moist, damp or overly dry environments.

+ - Moving your trestle table

Our trestle tables are gorgeously thick and solid which means they are heavy! Please take care when moving your trestle table and avoid any scraping or knocking against walls, floors or fixtures. We suggest that you never move your trestle table alone and bend your knees to protect your back in accordance with WHS Manual Handling requirements.

+ - Heat

We recommend you use heat resistant mats or coasters to protect your trestle table from hot dishes, but ideally, as with any furniture, it is best to avoid placing boiling hot dishes directly onto the surface of your trestle table. Hot plates and cups can burn surfaces and some liquids and foods, if spilled, can discolour timber and coatings.

Furniture should not be positioned over heating vents, in front of gas, oil heaters, open fire places or next to hot electrical appliances such as dryers, kettles or washing machines.

+ - Moisture

Our trestle tables will take the occasional, everyday spill, however excessive moisture left over time may cause damage or swelling to the timber which could cause the coatings to crack. We recommend you do not leave your trestle table in water or with liquid spilled on it, for long periods.

+ - Rope

The rope on our Traditional and Streamlined legs are very strong. We use polyester – white rope, and natural fibre – sisal rope. As with any rope they stretch over time, we therefore recommend that you watch your rope from time to time and change, if necessary.

+ - Metal

Some metal has purposeful minor distressing in the colour/finish – this includes marks, discolourations, blemishes and purposeful depressions which are not considered imperfections.

We recommend you keep metals dry to prevent tarnishing and rust. Do not use abrasive cleaners. A damp cloth can be use sporadically.

This traditional blacksmith finish is perfect for interior use, but eventually the metal will still form surface rust that will need to be wiped off with mineral turpentine and warm linseed and or bees wax again applied to the metal – this constant attention will eventually render the metal impervious to rust re interior use.