Posh Picnics Mini Trestle


Picnics just got fun again! A shorter version of our Folding Market Trestle.  A fantastic and easy to transport Folding Trestle Table from our Traditional Trestle Range. We call it our Posh Picnics Mini Trestle.

***Custom made and dispatched in 2 weeks

In order to be easy to transport, the folding mini picnic trestle is offered standard in a size of 130cm x 60cm. If you’d like one smaller, just order via our custom order page.


Our Posh Picnics Mini Trestle is perfect for anyone who wants to feel the ground beneath them without having their food on the grass, infested by ants!! A basic trestle table that’s cheap, lightweight, easy to transport and evokes all those classic vintage trestle memories, just a bit closer to the ground. Fantastic as relaxed picnic or kids tables. AND of course it fits in the boot of the car. So easy. Our folding picnic tables are made of pine timber panels and Traditional style trestle legs. The table top edges are square and the legs a classic (just shorter) traditional style with natural coloured rope. Folding mini picnic trestles are a natural pine colour, sealed with oil for a fresh Scandinavian look. The table tops are 18mm thick and hinged with a piano hinge along the entire width of the table.  130cm long (folds to 65cm) x 60cm wide and 45cm high.  If you want them in any other stained combination,  you can send us a custom order request here. Not recommended for sitting on or really heavy items!


If you’re stuck for picnic location ideas, here are some from around our beautiful Southern Highlands.  The home of Plank and Trestle.


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