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A Trestle Love Story

Chief Trestle Lovers, Tonia and Michael in their trestle table workshop at Mittagong in the gorgeous Southern Highlands of NSW

On a mission to bring people and trestle tables back together, Tonia and Michael took over Plank and Trestle in early 2017, knowing it was a business born from a love of simple yet stunning design.

The story’s a beautiful one, just like our tables!

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted a trestle table.

Every month she saw them in homes featured in her beloved interior decorating magazines. But they were always rare one-in-a-million second-hand or antique market finds, or inherited by lucky folk from their family’s farmhouses or country estates.

Girl’s trestle table hunt became somewhat an obsession. Girl wanted her trestle table to have character, beauty and simplicity bathed in the wearing of time and love. But all the tables she found were either hideously expensive or made for the mass market with little soul or quality.

Sadly, Girl became resigned to never having a trestle table of her own, to love.

Once upon a few years later there was a Boy who was handy with a hammer and looked cute in a tool belt. He offered to make Girl the trestle table of her dreams if she designed it for him.

What Boy made was so breathtaking that people who saw it wanted one of their own. Pleas for trestles came from everywhere. Girl and Boy soon realised that there were other people out there also desperate for their own trestle table to love.

Girl started designing trestle tables for all types of decorating styles – modern, retro, French country, rustic, coastal – and uses – for eating, working, playing, relaxing, displaying – and Boy with his marvellous talent turned them into reality.

Unknowingly, Girl and Boy had started something really special.

They had started a revolution of modern furniture with vintage soul – Plank and Trestle.

Being creative and having their own distinct style, when Plank and Trestle outgrew her original owners, Tonia and Michael knew it was time to combine their talents. Together, they meticulously craft these striking, functional and bespoke trestle tables from their workshop in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. Each table is made to order and jam packed with trestle love.

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