Setting Up Your First Market Stall with Confidence

Market newbie?  Getting ready for your first market stall?  Your products are amazing and every time you look at them you feel such a sense of pride and satisfaction. You can’t wait to share them with the world and start building your business through regular markets and stalls. It’s such a great way for you to be able to create your wares during the week so you can still be there for the kids and then to get away on the weekends and enjoy meeting new people, getting your products out into the world and earning an income as you do it.  We’ve put together a few tips to get you more sales with less stress.  Who doesn’t want that, right? 🙂

Without a proper display system, your beautiful creations could go un-noticed. There are obviously a gazillion ways you can display your products and of course it all depends on the nature of what you’re selling too, but here are some tips to get you started for your first market stall.  We know with Christmas coming up there are a whole heap more opportunities for market sellers to get out there selling your creations.

A good, solid trestle is essential. A table that can be folded up and moved around easily but it still sturdy enough for you to be able to set it up on ground which might not be 100% level. Timber trestles are great for this because you can re-position the legs and then adjust the angle of their opening, as much as needed. Plastic trestles just don’t give you the same freedom of movement and are nowhere near as sturdy, especially if you have to set up on uneven ground.

Something which many stall holders don’t consider is their chair. Or some of them actually consider it too much by spending way too much time on their bums! A well placed and interesting chair can do many things. It offers you a place to rest but more than that it creates a sense of interest and a talking point; a reason for people to stop and speak with you. If your chair looks particularly comfortable or attractive people might even ask to try it out. Obviously anything which allows you to interact with the potential customer is great and therefore even though you’re not selling chairs, it can become a great way to make a connection with the customer which then leads to sales. On the flip side, one of the easiest ways to drive customers away is to sit in your chair at the back of your stall with no interaction, eye contact or interest in your products or the customer. There’s a fine line between ignoring them and being friendly rather than pushy, so best to figure that out early on.

When planning your stall layout think about the height of your products. Are they displayed flat or do they hang? If they’re flat, what can you put at eye height to get more attention? A banner, a product that hangs, some bunting to blow gently in the breeze? We have to think of our market stall space as prime real estate. We need to make the most of every part of that space.  If you haven’t yet got your market stall space booked, then a great way to find markets is at Markets and Fairs.  You can search for markets and fairs near to you and their site a great resource.

Naturally, any displays need to be easily transported to site, so tables that fold or come in pieces are the perfect solution for those with limited space. Find a table like our folding market trestle that will fit into your car’s boot. Make sure it’s light enough to carry yourself but heavy enough not to get blown over or knocked by passers by.  If you need to have your own gazebo, there’s a huge variety out there so choose wisely and consider it an investment in your business and your comfort!  We recommend Gazebos Australia. They even sell spare parts!

There are so many ways you can set up your stall and obviously this depends on what it is you’re selling.

The key points for a successful (a.k.a. PROFITABLE) market stall are:

  • get creative and have some fun
  • ensure your display matches your brand / image
  • vary heights of display to create interest
  • use sturdy but portable tables and displays
  • think about your own positioning in relation to customers
  • make the most of your space without making it feel cluttered
  • consider the weather, especially wind
  • make sure your market style matches your product and appeals to your ideal customer – if your product is high end, then your stall must reflect that same high end feel.

Don’t forget when you have your stall all set up to take some great photos.  Use different angles and distances and if you can get any shots of the customers interacting with your stock, then even better.  You can then use those pics on #instagram or Facebook to promote your products.

Enjoy your time meeting new people, promoting your awesome products and making a great profit. The market stall industry is a massively under-rated part of the business world and there are many businesses and families who have created a great lifestyle by selling their products at the markets. You can do it too!

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