Junior trestlers

As many of you know Plank and Trestle is a family business. Our poor kidlets are surrounded by trestle tables day-in and day-out. Whether we are talking about new designs while washing up the dishes, chatting about what tables we have made that day at the dinner table or stopping them from bursting all the bubbles in the bubble wrap as we try to package up tables to go to their new homes.

The funniest thing the other day was when our eldest son, Mr X, asked trestle bloke where he needed to put something. Trestle bloke told him to put it on the table. We then heard the hugest sigh...."but which table Daddy?" It was then that we looked around and realised that we had five trestle tables in our lounge room (we had been playing with new designs so the experiments were all set up in our house so we could see what they looked like)! Poor kids....

The junior trestlers love it when we set the trestle tables up and take photos of them. They play this game where they try and get in the shot without me realising. Sometimes they just run straight out in front of the camera and don't even try to disguise it. Too too cute! Here are a few happy snaps of some recent trestle-photo escapades.....

Junior Trestlers blog post

 Happy trestle wishes,  xo

New Traditional trestle table range out now!

 Real Living May 2014 blog post crop

We have been wanting for some time now to launch a 'back to basics' trestle collection perfect for trestle lovers who aren't after any bells and whistles or fancy pants on their trestle table.

There are many basic trestles out on the market but we wanted to offer one that is economical but still of high quality and workmanship, and most importantly, made in Australia! Our disappointment in the poor quality and longevity of cheap tables out there is what led us to going into the trestle table business in the first place (check our 'Our Story' for the deets if you are interested).

Our Traditional trestle tables are different to our other more high-end pieces - they are made of pine or plywood (your choice) and can be left natural or stained a darker colour. The design harks back to the way trestles used to be - square corners and edges, classic trestle legs and lightweight and easily transportable.

They are perfect for market stalls and pop-up shops that want to add a bit of a vintage vibe to their styling without having to be all precious about transporting it here or there.

We are even more thrilled that Real Living magazine wanted to feature our Traditional pine trestle in their May 2014 edition. Jackie Brown styled an amazing shoot using our trestle in a garage storage feature (see pic above). A garage trestle - we love it!!

We can't wait to see what uses you trestle lovers come up with for your Traditional trestle table!

 Traditional Pine trestle table

Traditional Pine 1

Traditional Pine 2

Traditional Pine 5

Traditional Oak trestle table

Traditional Oak 4

Traditional Oak 1

Traditional Oak 3

Happy trestle wishes,  xo

Website launch!

Come in were open

We're so excited.... and we just can't hide it... oh no no no...!

Our website is finally here! We are so absolutely thrilled with the result! The last few years we have been so completely flat out keeping up with demand for our wee trestles that we have not had the time to devote to building our web presence.

But our maternity leave break over the 2013-14 summer gave us some time to pull it all together thanks to an amazing talented all-round awesome techy-genius friend. Mr Henry this would not have been possible without your fabulousness!!

We hope you enjoy our new web home and feel the trestle love. Feel free to make any suggestions or comments. Next stop on the trestle internet express..... building our online store!

Happy trestle wishes, xo