Grey trestle tables

We have had a huge run of grey trestle table orders lately! I can completely understand why. Scandinavian interior design is so popular and on trend at the moment. We have fallen for it in a huge way as well! Our home is currently a mish-mash of black, white and grey with flecks of aqua. Grey trestle tables look so gorgeous in an Scandinavian aesthetic.

I had lots of fun with this photo shoot of a custom trestle that we built for a lovely client in Melbourne. The cherry blossoms in our yard were in beautiful bloom and I couldn't resist cutting some to put in a vase. They have to be my most favourite flower!

Firstly - a grey and white duet combo. Gives such a beautiful lux ambience. The grey is ever so soft and subtle against the white legs.

Grey and white


Grey and white 12


Grey and white 10

We also recently completed this custom order of a full grey trestle table with grey top and legs for another lovely client in Melbourne. 

Pebble Grey trestle table 8


Pebble Grey trestle table 10


img 1189


Pebble Grey trestle table 14


Pebbly Grey trestle table 9

We call our Grey Coastal trestle table in our Coastal range 'Pebble Beach'. I had been wanting to take photos of a trestle at the old un-used dairy co-op on our town for so long now. The grey and timber combination was the perfect excuse. The colours look stunning against the backdrop of the co-op.

Pebble Beach trestle table 4


Pebble Beach trestle table 6


Pebble Beach trestle table 15


Pebble Beach trestle table 18


Pebble Beach trestle table 12


Pebble Beach trestle table 11

 Happy Trestle wishes xo