Artist Studio trestle shoot - Zoe Sophocleous

I have admired the art of Zoe Sophocleous for many years now. She is a local artist here on the NSW South Coast and her studio is currently in Shoalhaven Heads - a gorgeous beach town on Seven Mile Beach. We first met at playgroup and bonded immediately over stories of vomit and toddler tantrums as all mums at playgroups do! Our youngest sons are both the same age and have the same name as well. She has become a very dear friend of ours.

We recently had the opportunity to take some photos of our Traditional Oak trestle table in her studio. I can honestly say I think it was my most favourite trestle shoot ever. Every inch of the walls in her home was filled with the most amazing artwork. It is the most colourful and vibrant space I have seen. I think I took 100 photos of the one table I was just so taken with the backdrop and location. Every photo is my favourite and it was almost torture to pick only a few to share with you!

Traditional Oak - artist studio

Traditional Oak - artist studio 3

Traditional Oak - artist studio 2

Traditional Oak - artist studio 5

Traditional Oak - artist studio 6

Happy trestle wishes xo