Kid's trestle table inspiration

We have had lots of lovely inquiries lately from clients who want a trestle table for their child's room. Trestles make great desks and playroom tables for kids as they come in such fun bright colours. We can also customise them to any size.

Best size for a kid's trestle desk

We get asked a lot about the best size trestle table to get for a child. If your child is very young and will be used a lot as a play table for activities like craft, playing toys, lego, playdough etc, then we recommend getting a smaller kid's size table. The smaller height will allow your child to get up and down from the table easily by themselves. They will also find it much easier to reach whatever they are playing with on the table, particularly if they are sitting on kid's size chairs.

If your child is in late primary we recommend getting an adult height desk (70cm high). The extra height will enable them to grow into the desk and use it throughout their high school years and beyond. If it is slightly too high when your child is younger using a height adjustable chair will bridge the gap. It will be no time however before your child will be tall enough to reach the table with ease.

The great thing about trestle tables is that the table tops and trestle legs are separate from one another. This means that if you do purchase a smaller sized desk and your child grows out of it you can simply order a new set of higher trestle legs to use with your existing top!

Best finish for a kid's trestle desk

Our Coloured range of trestle tables are great for kids. Not only do they come in funu colours, they are professionally coated in polyurethane which is the same coating used to make modern kitchen cupboards. It is very durable and really easy to clean with a damp cloth (I am addicted to baby wipes and use these all the time to clean our Coloured trestles at home!). For stubborn marks like texta or ink that our Junior Trestlers leave behind after a big colouring or craft session I use a cream cleanser such as Jif which gets the marks off with ease.

The finish on our Coastal trestle tables also works really well with children. The wax or hand-rubbed polyurethane provides a light layer of protection that prevents most ink and pencil marks from remaining permanent. Again, I use baby wipes most of the time to gently wipe marks off.

Here is some visual inspiration for your child's trestle desk from our different collections. Enjoy!

Kids trestle tables collage

Happy trestle wishes xo