Garden trestle table - Gardening Australia magazine

The lovely Joseph Gardner who is an amazing stylist and designer called us up a few months ago and asked if he could use our Pacific Blue trestle table for a feature he was working on. We had no idea what the shoot was or which magazine it was for until he sent us the magazine pages. It was so gorgeous - a kid's gardening trestle table in Gardening Australia magazine! Those kids are so damn cute too!!

We have had our trestles featured in kitchens (Donna Hay mag), garages (Real Living mag), baby showers (Fete Press), even DIY magazines (Australian Handyman) but not gardens! We were in love. (It also got me thinking of some new gardening trestle table designs we could build but best we keep that to ourselves and not mention it to trestle bloke).

Joseph came up with some amazing kid-friendly gardening projects - hope they give you some great ideas for your little ones this weekend.

kidsprojects1 001

kidsprojects1 002

kidsprojects1 003

kidsprojects1 004