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Where are your trestle tables made?

Each one of our trestle tables is individually designed and hand made by us in our workshop in Mittagong, NSW.

All materials we use are sourced from local suppliers in Sydney and in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Can I see your trestle tables in a store?

A number of stores have examples of our trestle tables that you are welcome to go along and have a look at. Contact us at for an up-to-date listing.

How are your trestle tables different to others on the market? 2017-06-19T05:13:08+00:00

This is all a bit embarrassing, blowing our own trumpet and all… but there are so many cheaper mass-produced options on the market it is important people understand how our trestle tables are different and why you get what you pay for:

High quality – We take great pride in making each trestle table individually and perfecting every distinct detail and feature, to ensure our trestle tables are unique, high-quality statement pieces that will last a lifetime.

Superior longevity – We use the highest quality materials, professional finishes and expert workmanship to ensure your table will last the distance. Others out there might be cheaper but their coloured coatings will be all chipped after 6 months and the edges will look old and haggard after a few bumps. Don’t you hate that!

Advanced design – We are completely obsessed with trestle table design. so your table will exude ‘wow’ factor rather than mass-market ordinariness.

Lots of trestle love! – Our trestle tables are our babies! We are obsessed with them and build each one as if it were our own. If we wouldn’t be happy for it to go in our house, it is not going to go into yours!

Our trestle tables have been featured in Donna Hay, Real Living, Australian House and Garden, Inside Out, Fete Press, Australian Handyman and South Coast Style magazines.

How are your trestle tables made? 2018-05-26T00:55:26+00:00
Coloured and Duets collection

Our coloured trestle tables are made of MDF and professionally coated in polyurethane. We use an expert industrial spray painter to apply our coloured coatings to ensure a flawless finish.

Polyurethane is the same finish that you find modern kitchens are made of – it is glossy, durable, easy to wipe clean and silky-smooth to touch. Our standard colours are red, white, yellow, coral, black and vintage blue. We can also custom-paint a table in any colour you like – simply give us the name of the colour you like and we will take care of the rest.

Our coloured trestle tables have round corners and edging and horizontal grooves that run the length of the table giving it a subtle modern feel.

Ultra-cute trestle shelves which sit on the trestle legs can also be fitted for extra storage.

Our Duets range is a mix and match of the coloured tops and trestle legs of our Coloured range. The only limit to these combinations is your imagination!

Coastal collection

Trestle tables in our Coastal collection have gorgeously thick timber tops made from either Baltic Pine or reclaimed Oregon that we whitewash to give it a restful blonde timber look. Being made of natural timber, each table top has unique markings, knots and character – no two are ever the same!

We coat our Coastal table tops in natural beeswax for an ultra-natural look.

Coastal trestle legs are from our Coloured range apart from our “Black Beach’ trestle table (timber top, black legs) which is stained to allow the character of the timber to peep through the black colour.

Traditional collection

Our Traditional trestle table collection is perfect for people who want a basic trestle table that is cheap, lightweight, easy to transport and evokes all those classic vintage trestle memories. They work fantastically as market stall and pop-up store display tables.

Our standard traditional tables are made of pine.  However, for some custom orders we can make them from plywood – it’s more versatile and as a bonus is often cheaper! We can leave the pine tables their natural colour for a fresh Scandinavian look or can stain it darker for a more vintage look. The table top edges are square and the legs a classic traditional style with rope.

Trestle shelves made out of the same timber are available to sit on top of the trestle legs for additional storage. Trestle shelves from our coloured range can also be used for an unexpected pop of colour!

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What are the different styles of trestle legs you make?

We have three different styles of trestle legs in our current ranges. They are able to be bought separately from the table tops if you have a table top of your own.


Our traditional trestle leg harks back to the original trestle design of lengths of timber joined to form a triangular leg. It has a real old-fashioned, raw appeal, perfectly suited for vintage and country style trestle tables.


Our streamlined trestle leg is a modern take on the traditional style of trestle leg. We have completely streamlined the design so it is minimalist and let’s the triangular shape of the trestle leg do the talking. It’s smooth, contemporary and uncomplicated.


Our A-frame trestle leg is perfect for dining and outdoor trestle tables. Keeping the original shape of a trestle leg, the placement of the crossbeam allows people to sit at the ends of the table more comfortably without the need to extend the length of the table.

If you were after a different type of trestle leg, just get in touch with us, we would love to custom build some for you. You can email us at or call us on 0403 351 790.

Why do A-frame legs suit dining tables better?

Our streamlined or traditional trestle legs have the crossbeam running between the trestle legs along the width (short side) of the table. These trestle leg designs are great because they can collapse or flat-pack and be stored easily when the table is not needed. They also have rope between the legs which adds to the look and appeal of the table.

However, using streamlined or traditional trestle legs for a dining table means that the table top needs to be longer so it can hang further over the trestle legs to accommodate a person sitting at the ends of the table without their legs resting on the cross beam. For this reason, we recommend using our A-frame legs for dining tables where space is an issue.

Our A-frame trestle legs have the crossbeam running between the trestle legs along the length (long side) of the table. This leg design is great for smaller spaces as it allows a person to sit at either end of the table without the crossbeam getting in the way of their feet. This means that the table top can be shorter as we do not need to allow extra table length for leg room. A-frame legs cannot be collapsed for flat storage, but the table top can still be removed making storage much easier than a normal dining table with fixed legs.

Mixing and matching table tops and trestle legs 2018-05-26T00:53:57+00:00
Can I mix and match any coloured table top with any coloured trestle legs?

You can mix and match any of our coloured trestle legs and table tops. The combinations are fun and endless! White legs, red top; black legs, white top; blue legs, yellow top… you get the picture ☺

We can also make your trestle table in any colour you would like. Custom colours attract a $100 fee to cover the cost charged by our supplier to custom-make the polyurethane in the colour you would like.  Just go to our custom order page and design your own.  If the options aren’t there you can simply tell us what you’re after and we’ll do our absolute best to bring your idea to life.

Can I have one pair of trestle legs and multiple sized dining table tops that I can interchange depending on how many guests I am having?

One of the great things about our streamlined and traditional trestle legs is that they can be flat packed. So when you don’t need to use the table you can remove table top and fold the legs up in a simple movement. The legs and top can then be stored flatly behind a door, under a bed, along a wall – wherever you like! This is fantastic for smaller homes where space is premium and you might want to clear the dining room or outdoor area for parties; or store the table and bring it out when entertaining.

Being able to remove the table top means that you can also interchange different sized table tops with your trestle legs. For example, some people have a smaller dining table top (4 or 6 seater) for everyday use but a larger table top (8-10 seater) stored against a wall in the garage that they use when entertaining. Both table tops fit on the same pair of streamlined or traditional trestle legs. You have the benefits of two different sized tables that look fantastic without the storage hassle.

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What are the prices and sizes of your standard trestle tables?

Visit our ‘shop‘ to choose your style, then click the drop down box to choose the type of table and once you’ve selected desk, console etc the drop down box below will give you size options. The price for that style and size will then be displayed.

If these dimensions do not suit your space we will happily custom make a trestle table to your exact requirements. Just fill out the custom order form and we will send you a quote.

What is the thickness of your table tops?

Table tops in our Coloured’ and “Duets” collection are 2.5cm thick.

Table tops in our ‘Coastal’ collection are at least 4cm thick.

Table tops in our ‘Traditional’ collection are either 1.8cm or 3cm thick, depending on your preference.

How to order 2018-05-26T00:46:40+00:00
How do I order a trestle table from your standard range?

Simply go to our ‘shop‘ page and make your choices.  Start with your preferred style, then size and colour as appropriate.  If you get stuck of course you can give us a call on 0403 351 790 to place your order.

Full payment is accepted as confirmation of your order. Payment can be made via Paypal.  You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use Paypal – as long as you’re paying by credit card.  If you’d like to do a bank transfer simply call us to place your order on 0403 351 790.

We hand make all our tables individually for each client. This means that your trestle table is made specifically just for you. Depending on demand it will generally take us 4-5 weeks to make your bespoke table for you.

During the building process we will send you emails keeping you up to date on progress.

How do I place a custom order?

Simply visit our ‘custom‘ page in our online shop and fill out your choices. We will email you a quote for consideration ahead of ordering. Full payment is accepted on all custom orders at the time of ordering.

If you are after a custom colour just give us the name and brand of the colour you are after.  If you have the colour codes, even better!

Do you make other styles of trestle tables not on your website?

If you have a particular design or style in mind that is not in our standard ranges we would love to make it a reality for you. We love a trestle challenge!

Just email us a picture or sketch to and we will let you know how we can help.

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How long after I place an order will I receive my trestle table?

We hand make all our tables individually for each client. This means that you trestle table is made specifically just for you. Depending on demand it will generally take us 4-6 weeks to make your one off table for you.

During the building process we will send you emails keeping you up to date on progress.

How much is delivery?
You are welcome to collect your trestle table from our workshop in Mittagong, Southern Highlands NSW at no charge at all – we would love to meet you!
Delivery of our standard products is $100 for NSW, $150 for VIC and QLD, $175 for TAS and SA, $220 for NT and WA.   We will personally deliver and set-up your trestle table in your home at no charge if you live on the NSW Southern Highlands.

If you place a custom order for a particularly large table, chances are it will be more expensive to deliver.  Be assured we will do our absolute best to keep freight prices down and we continually review our arrangements with freight companies in order to remain competitive.

Can I pick my table up?

Absolutely. We are located in Mittagong, NSW, about 2 hours drive south of Sydney and you are welcome to pick up your trestle table from us. We would love to meet you!

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What happens if I there is something wrong with my table?

We are committed to having every one of our clients fall blissfully in love with their new trestle table!

If for some reason you are not happy with your table please contact us at or on 0403 351 790 so we can resolve any issues you may have.

As with all companies, we are unable to take any responsibility for our trestle tables once they leave our workshop. We do our absolute best to ensure they are safely packaged and delivered to the courier (we are so fussy it takes us 1.5 hours just to package each table!) but are unable to have any control over our trestle tables once they leave our hands.  So far, almost all our courier deliveries have arrived safe and sound and we truly hope it stays that way!

Caring for your trestle table 2018-05-26T01:15:01+00:00

Our trestle tables can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. We advise the use of a water-based cleaning agent. Products containing ammonia or silicone are best avoided as they can soften the coating and give it a cloudy appearance over time.


For our timber trestle tables that are sealed with a natural beeswax we recommend that you wax and buff it every 6 months to maintain its condition.  Frequency obviously depends on use.

Direct Sunlight

Our Coloured trestle tables are coated in polyurethane which greatly reduces the discoloration that occurs in direct sunlight. We recommend however that our Coloured trestle tables are not positioned in direct sunlight for long periods, particularly our black, red and yellow tables.

As with any timber furniture, excesive sunlight may cause the colour of our timber trestle tables to deepen over time and we do not recommend your table sit in direct sunlight for long periods.


We recommend you use heat resistant mats or coasters to protect your trestle table from hot coffee cups or dishes, but ideally, as with any furniture, it is best to avoid placing boiling hot dishes or coffee cups directly onto the surface your trestle table. Hot plates and cups can burn surfaces and some liquids andd foods can discolour timber and coatings.

Furniture should not be positioned over heating vents, in front of gas, oil heaters, open fire places or next to hot electrical appliances such as dryers, kettles or washing machines.


Our trestle tables are finished in a hard wearing wax or polyurethane and will take the occasional spill, however excessive moisture left over time may cause damage or swelling to the timber which could cause the coatings to crack. We recommend you do not leave your trestle table in water for long periods.

Moving your trestle table

Our trestle tables are gorgeously thick and solid which means they are heavy! The timber tops in our Coastal range can be anywhere from 25 – 80kgs alone. Please take care when moving your trestle table and avoid any scraping or knocking against walls, floors or fixtures. We suggest that you never move your trestle table alone and bend your knees to protect your back.

Thank you